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Dodo Clubs

Clubs that the fiddlers once played but no longer exist due to many reasons.

Cricket Club Reason Extinct
P.B. Cow Ground had to make way for a new Farnham Park Golf Course.
Glory Mill - Wooburn Gym, bowls and tennis cente, Ground is now mostly car Park
Horlicks Cricket Club On the Bath Road in Slough. Has made way for a Furniture super Store. For many years Horlicks Cricket club was one of the strongest sides in the Slough Area and had many a Bucks player playing for them.
Iver Heath (Old ground) Situated on the corner of seven Hills road. Now a cow field! (One of the few grounds that had a large tree within its boundary)
Jackson's - Bourne End Now a Housing Estate
Slough Estates Played at Farnham Park but team was disbanded. Club and ground taken over by Farnham Royal Cricket Club as second ground but due to ongoing Vandalism to club house and pitch, the ground was abounded.
Warren Row Now just fields. Was the ground at the back of the Warren Pub. Pub is now a restaurant and ground is no longer in use.